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Rose ELEPHANT Bracelet

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1-2 working days 1-2 working days (abroad may vary)
    Elephant leather bracelet with nice elephant silver clasp
    All solid 925 sterling silver and real leather

    What bracelet length do I need?
    With our bracelet length - calculator you can figure out the right length specifically for your bracelet very simply.
    • using a string, wrap around your wrist (tightly, without air between the wrist and string )then measure the string and put that number in cm in the first space of the calculator.
    • in the second space decide the fit of the bracelet (loose fitting or tight fitting). If you don't choose anything the calculator will automatically pick loose fitting.
    • in the third space will indicate the length of the bracelet.
    • Enter that result above the shopping cart button at "bracelet length"
    This bracelet is made individually for you to size
    Bracelet length - calculator
    wrist circumference:
    Fit of the bracelet:
    Bracelet length in cm: